Conditions of Use

After registering, you will be asked for your e-mail address and password allowing you access to certain features of the Military Food Express site. Your password should be kept strictly confidential to prevent unauthorized use. Military Food Express is not liable for any unauthorized use of your password or your account or loss or theft of your credit card or bank account number.

By using the web site, you are agreeing that you are at least 18 years of age.

Military Food Express is not responsible for or liable for product recalls, defects, or any other less than perfect product from the manufacturer or supplier of the groceries.

Military Food Express may substitute similar products unless expressly detailed during the checkout process in the comment section that you do not wish to have any product substitutions.

Military Food Express has to the best of their ability provided accurate package sizes, these are to be deemed as estimates and not as 100% reliable as manufacturers frequently offer periodic bonus sizes and change the packaging sizes without notice. In instances where there are no sizes listed, this generally indicates that only one size is available.

Military Food Express is not liable for orders that may be placed on other web sites while doing business within the confines of the Military Food Express web site.

Military Food Express is not responsible for content on other web sites that reference Military Food Express or products that are said to be available on Military Food

Availability of items are not guaranteed and may be out of stock without notice; we do our best to avoid this but the very nature of the business makes this unavoidable.

You are responsible for, and agree to pay promptly, all charges to your account, including applicable taxes and purchases by you or anyone you allow to use your password or account.

Fees and charges will be assessed in congruence with the Military Food Express fees that are listed on the web site.

Orders are fully charged once the order has been placed. We will issue any refunds promptly and as needed if an order is unable to be filled for any reason.

For first time customers refunds will be processed for items not available within 14 days after notification from the USPS that the order has been received. On subsequent orders, refunds will be processed with 7 days of original shipment date.

On international (Non APO/FPO/DPO) orders for first time customers, orders will be held for 10 business days or until all funds have cleared before the items will be shipped.

Military Food Express may at any time change any of the terms of this agreement and alter any fees and/or services. Customers may be notified of changes via information contained within the web site. By continuing to use the Military Food Express service, you are deemed to accept the changes.

Product updates, price changes and web site updates are considered routine maintenance and will be performed at the discretion of Military Food Express.

Military Food Express is in no way responsible for your Internet activities or practices. Further,

Military Food Express is not liable for any part whatsoever in concern to your computer or its operations.

You agree to defend, indemnify and hold Military Food Express and its partners harmless from any claims and expenses, including attorney fees, arising in connection with a violation of this Agreement by you or through use of your account.

Your shopping privileges may be suspended or revoked by Military Food Express at any time for any reason with or without notice to you.

From time to time, Military Food Express may offer discounts and special pricing. Only a single discount can be used and can not be combined with any other discount, for example savings off cannot be combined with 33% off shipping. If you choose not to have product substitutions, and your order value drops below $100, you will not be eligible for the 33% off shipping. We will though apply any other discount codes that may be shown on our site and/or emails. Shipping discounts or 33% are only applicable to Domestic USA and APO/FPO/DPO orders only.
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