Gift Certificates

Buying and sending gift certificates is a simple, multi-step process. You must be registered and have an account to send gift certificates. This is because you control who you send them to.

You purchase gift certificates just like any other product. Just add them to your cart and checkout. Once your order has been confirmed, you will receive an email from us to indicate that the total amount of the certificate(s) have been added to your account.

Once that has been done, you can log into your account, and decide how much and to whom you wish to send a certificate to. For example, if you purchased a $100 gift certificate, you can choose to send it all to one person, or perhaps $50 to one person, $25 to two others, and user the remaining $25 yourself.

Whoever you send a gift certificate to will get an email, with a code, and a message from you if you would like to add one. They can shop and checkout, and redeem the gift certificate.

You will always see in your account, the amount of gift certificate value you have left.
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